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The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

Thursday, September 20, 2012


So many teenage girls have such a contorted view of love and romance--not to say that teenage girls are the only ones. In this day and age, a false portraying of love is everywhere you look. Many girls think that they have to change for a guy, and many guys think that the modern definition of sexy is all that's important in a girl. Well...

In my opinion, a true relationship is one that will last... 
and in which neither side has to change or compromise themselves. Compromise IS necessary in a relationship, but not in the way of giving up your purity. 

Never let anyone change who you are at heart. It's when you're heart is effected that you are truly changed--this goes for anything, not just romantic relationships. Lots of people rush into relationships-- because they feel unloved, or helpless if they aren't in a one. Many people will even change themselves JUST to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. That seems wrong to me.... and can lead to heartbreak.

This song, Not the One, by Zoegirl, serves as a great reminder that we shouldn't let ourselves be disrespected in a relationship, and that we need to focus on the most important relationship of all-- our relationship with CHRIST!

People often forget that before you can be someone else's, you must first understand who YOU are, and you must also understand WHOSE you are. No one should NEED  a relationship to feel beautiful or loved... we have GOD for that! He loves us more than any person ever can, and that is something truly WONDERFUL! I think we should all take a moment and go back to God's definition of love....

This doesn't apply to romantic relationships only... it applies to ANYONE and EVERYONE! My challenge to you is to really think about the true definition of love and try to apply it in your life--not just to a romantic interest, but to a friend or colleague. Go and SPREAD the love!

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