Weekly Verse

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

Thursday, August 29, 2013

All About Communication

We all have friendships and spouses and family members that we love and want to have relationships with. We spend a lot of time talking and gossiping and sharing parts of our day with others in our lives. If we want our relationships to grow what can we do? COMMUNICATE. Talk. Share. Witness. Lecture.

If we don't talk to our friends and family, how can we expect to grow closer to them? If you stopped talking to your friend for a month how likely would it be that the two of you would still be close? Communication is KEY. Without communication any relationship can fall apart. That includes your relationship with God. 

God wants us to be CONSTANT in prayer. CONSTANT in communication with Him. He wants us to be praying to Him through out our day, because what is prayer? Prayer is talking to God. When you don't talk to a friend you drift apart, the same thing can happen with God! If we aren't talking to Him on a regular basis we will begin to lose our connection with Him... God WANTS us to talk to him!

You may not realize it, but any time you pray you are bonding with God--growing closer to Him and forming a stronger connection. Anything that brings us to pray like losing a loved one, losing a job, seeing a beautiful sunrise, etc is truly a blessing because it is spurring us to COMMUNICATE with God, to be CLOSER to God. 

Prayer is making a connection to God, talking to Him and communicating with Him. Telling Him all about your day, your fears, your dreams, and asking Him for help and guidance. God WANTS to talk to you and the greatest part is that He is ALWAYS there! So whenever you need a listening ear or a little help God is always there to hear you. 

Since God is always with you, why not always be talking to Him? Praying throughout the day, with out stopping is a great goal because it will bring you closer than ever to the Lord! So talk to Him, PRAY, because growth in any relationship is ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION. So make it your goal this next week to talk to God more and to talk to your friends more. I think you will see some major relationship growth! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

He is With You

Life is hard. It throws you for a loop. Sends you in mysterious directions. Leaves you with guilt or shame. Knocks you down. Spits on you. Confuses you. It isn't easy to do the right thing and sometimes when life gets stressful you get discouraged and confused and afraid.

When the waters are rough you do NOT need to fear the waves. Whenever life seems to be knocking you down remember that God is ALWAYS there to pick you back up again. He is ALWAYS there to steer you in the right direction.

Whatever trial you are facing HAND IT OVER to the Lord! He will take the burden from your shoulders and He will help you through. He will calm the waters. He will make a way when no way seems possible. You're life may look hopeless or you may just face bad moods, no matter what you're going through God will be there for you. 

Whenever you feel alone, deserted, disappointed, upset, even happy and joyous God is ALWAYS there. He is making a path for you. Fighting for YOU. Helping YOU. He will help carry your burden for you. He will help you OVERCOME any obstacle!

He will go BEFORE you. He will STAND BEHIND. He is ALWAYS on your side. God is with you through everything and not only that but he is BEFORE you, pathing the way for you. Fighting for you. He wants to help you, so hand Him your stress, problems, anxieties, worries, fears, trials. Hand Him everything difficult in your life and you can overcome it! With the God of Angel Armies on your side, the God who can do indescribably more than you can imagine, you can always have the VICTORY.