Weekly Verse

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes situations arise that lead us to question who we are or what we're doing. Sometimes life becomes a series of battles that we need to face. Sometimes it can feel like EVERYTHING is going wrong and our lives are falling apart. Like we really can't win. Sometimes we lose our way and get caught up in things that we shouldn't. THAT is exactly when we need to turn our lives over to God!!

God has a PLAN for us. He know exactly what He's doing. Why we rely on ourselves when we can rely on Him? When we put our full trust in God there is NO battle that we can't win! God is all powerful. Through Him we can do ANYTHING. 

When you SEEK God out, He WILL bring you through whatever you're struggling with! He loves you and He has the power to SAVE and to give PEACE. 

Remember to CALL on God in all you're times of need! He will always be there for you and comfort you. So no matter what you're situation, no matter what battle you're facing, remember that you're already a WINNER because you have God on your side! 

Whenever things get rough don't stress out. Just remember that NO MATTER what you're going through God is THERE. He knows what He's doing. You just have to trust in Him! Because... 

Nothing in this life can push you down if you have God on your side! He is GREAT. He is POWERFUL. And most importantly... He LOVES YOU! 

God ALWAYS knows what you're going through-- even your TOUGHEST situation. He not only hears you, but He will PROTECT you and help you through it. You just need to put your FAITH in Him and not worry! He's got your back. With God, you're already a WINNER. You have already beat any obstacle that comes your way--even DEATH itself! Through God you can have eternal life. If you ask me, that's true winning. 


  1. To all of my followers: I'm dreadfully sorry I haven't been posting lately. That WILL change. Posts will begin to come much more often. Sorry for the prolonged silence.

    Thank you all so much! :)
    Keep the faith.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement and promises from the Lord today Audrey...love you!