Weekly Verse

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Every single one of us is a sinner. Everyone. Not one of us is perfect. All of us are broken in some way or another... hurting, lost, confused. Everyone needs direction. A SAVIOUR. Everyone needs Jesus!

Since we're all on similar journeys here, we should be willing to HELP and LOVE each other, like Christ taught us to. The best way we can help others who are struggling is by sharing Jesus with them! 

Of course SHARING Jesus with others isn't always easy. It can actually be really intimidating. We tear ourselves down before we even begin to witness to someone! "They'll just think I'm crazy... they really don't care about all this God stuff... Maybe they won't think of me the same way after..." Those are just poorly constructed excuses to stay in our little bubble. They just show that we are more worried about how we look to other people than how we look to God! 

We shouldn't be worried about what people think of us. We shouldn't think about how much attention we can get for ourselves... but how we can bring attention to CHRIST. We should focus on ways to SHARE God with others. To show other people how God worked in our lives and how he can work in theirs. That is a true gift and something that God calls us to do! He calls us to be "fishers of me" (Matthew 4:19) and to do that we need to BE BOLD, SHARE, WITNESS, and BE A LIGHT! 

Why should we hide our faith after Christ made the biggest sacrifice of all-- DYING for us! He gave us the gift of salvation and now it's our job to SHARE that gift with others. To TELL people about God and how he can help them and heal them! This whole sharing thing may seem scary, but God will give you strength! He will give you the words to say. You may not be able to witness to others on your own, but with God you CAN! 

One great example of this Holy BOLDNESS is the apostle Peter---he was a quiet Christian, not wanting to share his faith. Not only did he not tell people about God, but he flat out DENIED God. Suddenly, though, he had a complete turn around. He began preaching to thousands of people! He became the first missionary ever--travelling over seas just to share the story of Christ. 

How did someone like that--a quiet Christian, afraid of voicing their faith-- turn into a man on fire for God--someone willing to get beat and mocked? God. He gave Peter His Holy Spirit. God gave Peter the strength and the ambition and the words to share with people! God truly did make all the difference. (you can read this story in Acts 2-4)

Let the WHOLE WORLD know that Jesus saves! Tell everyone what God has done for you. SHARE the love of God with the world, or your neighbour, or a family member. From praying for someone to sharing your testimony, just share with people. Tell them about Jesus, because He is the one true saviour, the one that can bring peace. You may think you can't, but with God on your side you CAN. 

So get out there and SHARE the good news of Jesus with the world! 

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