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The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

Thursday, January 24, 2013

True Faith

What is faith? A quick Google search yielded these answers: a strong trust or confidence, a strong belief in God, the opposite of doubt. All of those are good definitions, but I think the best definition comes from the Bible:

Hebrews 11:1

That means that even when life throws us something tough we still BELIEVE that God will provide for us! We have HOPE that our future will be bright, even in the bleakest moments. Faith is belief in ACTION.

Imagine this, you are on the top story of a burning building. Smoke surrounds you. Everything is bleak. You are slowly losing hope and life. The flames leap up around you. Finally, you find a window, and someone calls up to you. The sky is black, but someone calls your name telling you to jump. Trusting in that person with your life, you leap through the air, and the fireman below catches you. He could see you the whole time, but you needed FAITH to jump down to safety.

Believing that the fireman will catch you is one thing. FAITH is acting on that belief. Actually jumping, not KNOWING for sure that you would be saved, but acting anyway, THAT is faith. We need to have faith in God, that He is there protecting us and guiding us. No matter our bleakest situation, God, like the fireman, always has a clear view--even when you can't see Him, He sees you. You will always be safe in God's hands!

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We all get lost. We all struggle, but God always has a plan for us. Sometimes we need bad times. Sometimes we need to fight and stand up for ourselves. No matter what God is always with us, so don't worry, have FAITH. Don't fret because God is always with you!

Joyce Meyers

Don't let Satan CONTROL you by succumbing to your fears or giving into worry. You need to trust that no matter what, God is with you. He knows what He's doing. Feed your FAITH by praying, reading your Bible, going to church, or whatever you have to do. The more you feed your faith, the less you will have to fear! 


TRUST that God will be your GUIDE, that He will always be with you and that He WILL catch you. When you believe that, let go. Let God handle you're life. That is TRUE FAITH. Jumping and giving up control when you don't KNOW what could happen, but you BELIEVE that it will end well.

Have true faith: surrender you're life, let go and let God. 


  1. Hi, I just found your blog through Faith Messenger :) I love the firefighter analogy! Faith is belief in action - couldn't agree more ♥ ..looking fwd to reading your blog! :)

    1. Thank you so much! As much as I would love to take credit for the analogy... a friend of mine shared it with me.

      Thank you for reading! God bless :D