Weekly Verse

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Is there anything that you wish would CHANGE? Maybe you don't think you get enough respect, or you wish that world hunger would end, or your best friend would come to Christ. Anything at all can happen through Christ.
With God all things are possible! We CAN change the world. We CAN make a DIFFERENCE. This song by Carrie Underwood is so inspirational....

No matter what anyone says, you CAN make a difference in this world. God called you and me here for a reason. He wants us to bring LIGHT to the people around us. To do GOOD works for Him!
In Matthew 5:13-16 Jesus tells us that we are called to be the SALT and LIGHT of the Earth. You may be thinking that it's stupid or crazy to say that... but is it really? Salt makes things taste good, it adds seasoning, it helps preserve things. By witnessing to people and sharing Christ, aren't we doing the same thing? God wants us to CHANGE THE WORLD by showing people Jesus' light and by helping people do and feel good through Christ! 
God didn't put us here to be changed by the world, or to chase earthly desires. He put us here to CHANGE the world, to make a DIFFERENCE, to be the SALT and the LIGHT of the Earth! Are you doing that for God? I challenge you to believe. Believe that you CAN make a difference in this world, because that is what God called you to do. I challenge you to ACT. Try to make a difference in someones life this week. Help people. Love people. Share Jesus with people. Make a DIFFERENCE. With God's help, you can change the world. 

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